Creamin Fit Fuckers 2

September 23, 2013

Neo Paris is in his office "managing" his cock while looking at porn. In walks Bricks Austin. "You suck me," is all Bricks says to get Neo "on the job." Swallowing deep, Neo definitely is an adept team player. Bricks face fucks his coworker and then strips. Teasing with his tool, Bricks is all about getting it all in there, orally and annually. shows us what we really want, two hot fuckers who appreciate a "good job." By the time Neo hops up on the desk to be serviced, his legs are spread wide; Bricks has gotten the memo and it won't be long before Bricks is sending his reply. Bricks spins Neo off the desk and around, spits on his cock and goes all in. These two hot fuckers are also very encouraging of one another as they growl and slap. As the top pounds away, Neo yells, "come on baby," while his hard cock "thumbs up" beneath the desk. The two go cock-to-ass as the camera shows from below; they must have worked on this type of "project" before. The moaning only intensifies as they try out another piece of office furniture to fuck up against; I'd say Bricks has a real skill in "filing" things away. Returning to the desk, missionary style, Neo is more than happy to spread his cheeks farther for his partner. Within a few minutes, Bricks jerks himself to orgasm and blows "white out" all over his torso. Bricks keeps fucking his "assistant" until he pulls out just in time to send a "reply" to Neo, message sent and received.

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