Creamin Fit Fuckers 4

September 19, 2013

Max Born and Steve Paradi are here at to "tie" one on. These two sexy fuckers know what it means to go "mano a mano" as they collaborate at the office. Just because Steve makes one mistake doesn't mean his mouth can't make it up to Max. Pulling out Max's big cock, Steve sucks with a true sense of repentance; going deep and sucking strong, Steve offers up more than his mouth; he'll be the bottom today. Well shit, looks like Steve's cock is as big as his boss'. As Max sucks the head, Steve is moaning and groaning. Moving to the couch, Steve has another mouthful of Max before bending over and showing his "mea culpa;" what a sweet "ass-istant." Max plunges in deep and starts a nice fast rhythm as the bottom grunts. Spreading his cheeks wide, Max has a tight grip on his partner as he slaps Steve's ass. Max turns Steve over for some face to face fucking. The bottom grabs his cock and tugs happily; wonder if he made that mistake on purpose? The more Steve jerks, the deeper Max penetrates. The camera picks up a great shot of Steve's hot hairy body as he is mounted. With both of them moaning, "yeah," it's not long before Steve sends out his copious apology and is reciprocated with a hot load all over his hairy hole. I'm sure Steve has learned his lesson; he now knows Max can handle any of his needs.

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