Creamin Fit Fuckers 5

September 29, 2013

Just another hard day at the office; Sergio Mendez is checking out the headlines and Georgio Black is sucking head. These sexy men are two of the hottest models for When it "cums" to giving at the office, these guys are ready to go 'til it hurts. Maneuvering his mouth onto Sergio's meat, Georgio tastes long and hard; with Sergio's monster cock, is there any other way? Tugging his own sizeable member, Georgio is wanting a bit more than mouth to cock; he'll bottom today. Sergio lies back on his desk to receive more of Georgio's suck-a-thon before fucking him. Showing him just where to put it, Georgio bends over, grabs Sergio's cock, and guides it in. Shaking the limbs of a tree, these men are going at it fast and hard. Bouncing back on Sergio's trunk, the bottom sure has it in for a good time; look closely and you can count the rings on his hole. Taking Georgio to task on his desk, Sergio then penetrates missionary style; no resistance here. Filming from below, this collaboration is balls deep and a pleasure to watch. Sergio starts stroking himself and it's not long, except his cock, before he starts blowing "his best" all over his stomach. Sergio pulls out, but just enough to fill the hole he created; got to love "take your creamin' fucker to work day."

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