HDKRaw - Clark Longhammer and Mason Garrett

January 16, 2013

Clark Longhammer and Mason Garrett are getting fucking loud and proud in a smelly locker-room. In this HDKRaw.com video, these two are animals after each other; Mason doesn't even bother to pull down Clark's jock strap before he swallows his partner.

"Give me those fucking pits," demands Clark; both go face deep into the sweet sweaty manly scent. He then bends Mason over, spits and eats deep. Grabbing Mason's shins for leverage, Clark is all about the hole. On a fuck bench, Clark is sucking and spreading Mason wide. He then claims Mason's hole as his own and works toward marking his territory.

As Clark takes possession of Mason's canal, he is balls deep and complimenting his partner on, "taking that dick well." Mason is enthralled with each thrust of this pounding. Being a great bottom, the only thing Mason keeps saying is, "yeah." Bouncing back onto Clark's cock, Mason is having the fuck of his life. Owning Mason's ass, Clark reminds his partner who's in charge, "feel my balls slapping against your ass?" Mason replies, "yeah" and the two keep going.

The pair move to a sling; the chains and leather bounce as Clark plunges back into that, "sweet hole." The bottom is moaning on a "hole" new level as Clark pounds and demands, "fucking take it." Clark then pulls out in time to spray his partner and reenter. Mason cums next, tugging feverishly on his cock as he is finger fucked by Clark; "fucking A, gonna finish what you started boy" remarks Clark. Palpating Mason's prostate, he blows a load all over himself and is rewarded with his own load, courtesy of Clark. The two then congratulate each other; Mason goes into spasms as Clark licks and sucks again, head to head.

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