Raw Dark Chocolate

September 22, 2013

Chocolate. The very mention of the word sends some of us quivering with excitement and ready for a sensual rush. What if we said raw double chocolate? Well, if you're a chocoholic, come along and check out Kamrun and Drew Vergas. We're talking black slut cock (Kamrun) meeting black slut hole (Drew). And what a perfect combination they are! Kamrun walks into the hotel room horny as hell and needing to unload. Which is good because Drew Vergas is in his favorite jockstrap, waiting to service another thick cock, just like a proper whore. When Kamrun sees Drew waiting, he drops his pants and whips out that fat, uncut cock. It quickly makes its way to Drew’s eager mouth and slides down his throat. While Kamrun face fucks the cock sucking slut, he fingers the bareback bottom's hungry hole. Then he buries his face in that black butt and gets it wet and juicy, ready for some bareback action. Kamrun slams his raw meat in Drew's manpussy, fucking it likes he owns it. Which, of course, is exactly how Drew likes, wants, and needs it!