Leo Forte, Buddy Mason and Brian Bonds

April 19, 2017

Brian Bonds sometimes just needs a good dicking so when he was paired up with Leo Forte and Buddy Mason he did what he was born to do. He was getting used at both end like a good little slut. While sucking on Buddy's thick man meat, Leo was shoving is huge uncut cock deep in Brian's hairy hole. Leo showed no mercy as he power fucked that slut hole. Course we all know Brian loves to get double fucked so it was only a matter of time before Brian sat right down on Buddy's meat that Leo came in from behind and shove his up there too! Finally, a tight butt!

Ray Diesel and Damian Brooks

April 13, 2017

Damien Brooks was delayed a day getting to the shoot due to airline issues so needless to say he was desperate to get his holes used and when he found out he had to service Ray Diesel's monster cock his hole quivered. Hanging his head over the edge Damien opened wide and let Ray slide that cock down his throat and made him take it all and of course gagging in the process. But what Ray really wanted was to watch his black cock go into a PHAT black butt and man what a sight that was! His huge thick meat pounding that hole and making Damien squirm was fucking hot. But Damien did what any good boy does and took what he was given, even Ray's hot juicy load in his fucking hole!

Orlando Ink and Tyler Reed

April 05, 2017

Orlando Ink and Tyler Reed get back from a hot sweaty workout at the gym and head straight to the shower. Lathering each other up these two hot muscle guys then rinse off. But Tyler wants to mark his territory in a different way with this hot muscle stud – so he turns Orlando around so he can see that hot bubble butt and pisses all over it like a big bad dog. Orlando loves to be owned and was excited to feel that hot piss going up his crack. He now felt the need to service Tyler and dropped to his knees taking his rock hard cock down his throat knowing his butt was gonna get it next. Tyler took Orlando to the bedroom and put Orlando’s butt up in the air only to slide his cock in that muscle hole bareback and worked his muscle boy over real good before they both blew a well-deserved load!

Tyler Reed, Jacob Durham and Beau Reed

March 31, 2017

Not too often do I get to join in and make it a 3-way but I could not resist when I paired up Jacob Durham with my bottom boy Beau Reed. Jacob's thick cut meat is a treat to watch enter Beau's big hockey butt that I could just stare the whole time while Jacob slammed his meat in that well used hole. Of course, I had to take my turn on that well opened hole after Jacob was in there as there is nothing like sloppy seconds and watching that butt jiggle as I power fuck it deep!

Beau Reed and Logan Moore

March 25, 2017

In a sleazy hotel, Logan Moore finds himself with big butt bottom Beau Reed going down on his uncut European cock and enjoying every inch. But when Logan saw that phat butt in the air he knew he had to shove his face in there deep and come up for air only if he needed it. That butt was a piece of butt heaven when he slid his uncut raw cock deep in that hole and starting pounding it like he owned it. Then again, isn't that how you're supposed to fuck phat butt?

Jacob Durham and Beau Reed

March 15, 2017

Jacob Durham had been hearing all week from the other guys on set on how juicy and bubbly Beau Reed's butt was and how it swallowed everyone's cock with extreme ease. Jacob was eager to find out for himself and he finally got his chance later that week. Beau impressed Jacob with his deep cock sucking skills and he could see how Beau's butt was just begging to be used. But when Jacob put him Beau on his back, legs spread to fuck him, Beau pulled out a condom and made Jacob put it on. Jacob was pissed and just fucked railed his butt hard breaking the condom, and them not knowing until the scene was almost done!

Beau Reed and Leo Forte

March 09, 2017

When Leo Forte saw a tall bubble butt walking around on set all week he just had to have a piece of that butt. He went begging Tyler Reed to be able to fuck his partner, Beau Reed. Tyler gladly let Leo have a piece of that phat butt and later that day, there was Beau getting face fucked by Leo's fat uncut cock. Leo flipped Beau on his stomach and shoved his face deep in that bubble butt and almost suffocated while his tongue licked that loose hole. Before he knew it, Beau's slut butt was getting worked over hard and Leo did not stop until he was completely satisfied. On his way off set, Leo gave Tyler a high-five and thanked him for that piece of butt.

Brian Bonds and Beau Reed

March 01, 2017

It was nearing the end of the week and both Brian Bonds and Beau Reed have been worked over well by all the tops on set but they still wanted to get it on and fuck each other. These boys didn't waste time swallowing each others' cock deep getting them ready to fuck hard. Brian got to Beau's big butt first and fucked the already loose hole but Beau had his own plans on fucking and breeding Brian's hairy slut hole. This was by far the hottest flip fuck scene we ever made!

Jacob Durham and Leo Forte

February 24, 2017

Leo Forte loves a good thick cock up his butt and when Jacob Durham showed up he knew he was going to get used good. But Leo wanted Jacob to use a condom on his big butt as he didn't trust where Jacob was all weekend. Reluctantly Jacob puts the condom on but since his cock is so thick it didn't take long for the condom to break. That's when it started feeling great for Leo not knowing the condom broke right in his butt!

Adam Ryker and Tyler Reed

February 16, 2017

New to porn, Adam Ryker wanted to be put with the big guns, Tyler Reed. Adam didn't waste anytime getting to his knees to service Tyler's fat cock. Getting throat fucked by a big star in his very first shoot was a dream come true for this muscle jock. He swallowed that thing like it was the last cock on earth! He then showed Tyler his jock butt, which Tyler had to rip the underwear to get at, and showed his hole twitching for that raw cock. In true Tyler fashion, he shoves his raw cock up that tight hole and taught Adam how to be a true bottom in his very first porn scene!

Russ Magnus and Trey Turner

December 21, 2016

When it comes to fat thick uncut cock Russ Magnus definitely has the package. And there is nothing a bottom loves more than a nice thick cock to stretch his hole and make him feel every inch. When Trey Turner started going down on Russ's cock and he watched it grow to a massive fuck stick he really got excited. First though, he wanted Russ to eat his hairy hole and get it really wet so he could shove that fucker in and pound his hole out. Trey even sat in the sling so Russ could really control his hole and do whatever he wanted to it! Now that's how Trey really wanted to be fucked.

Ray Diesel and Brian Bonds

December 14, 2016

Brian Bonds loves being a slut bottom for big tops but he will really submit if your cock is 10" and black! That is what he did when Ray Diesel dropped his pants and his big shlong just fell out of his shorts, practically begging to be sucked and sucked hard. Brian got to his knees and did his best to suck that fucker whole and please his big black daddy. Ray was not disappointed but heard Brian was a good sub bottom. Didn't take much longer before Brian sat right down on that monstercock and took it all the way to the balls, like a good sub bottom taking huge black cock. And we wouldn't expect anything less!

Gabriel Fisk, Russ Magnus and Trey Turner

December 04, 2016

Finally, the 3-some I have been waiting for! Husbands Russ Magnus and Gabriel Fisk get it on with hot and beefy, Trey Turner. Russ was supposed to be the bottom in this hot little interracial bareback group session but Trey pushed his big butt in front of Gabriel to get eaten out and fingered, begging for his raw cock. Gabriel was not about to argue so he just put both their asses in the air and had his way with both of them. But not to worry. In the end, Russ pushed his PHAT butt into the picture and made sure he got spit roasted and worked over real well with a damn good bareback fuck and an explosion of cum loads!

Hans Berlin and Daxton Ryker

December 01, 2016

Daxton Ryker was overdue to be fucked bareback. Hard. Like a slut. And he wanted a nice German sausage to do the fucking. Enter Hans Berlin who has a resume of fucking slut bottoms. Daxton, being a huge bodybuilder, has built his body for pleasure and Hans took pleasure in that hot body, using Daxton like a jungle gym, fucking him in every position possible. Daxton let him self be used the way he wanted, giving up his holes for Hans's pleasure only to take that hot German load in his butt while his big legs were wrapped around Hans, who made sure Daxton got every last drop of cum in his butt!

Beau Reed and Diego Tovar

December 01, 2016

Payback can be a bitch sometimes and Diego Tovar knew that as soon as Beau Reed walked into the room and the producer said, "It's now your turn to give up your butt Diego!" Before Diego knew it Beau was towering over him and holding the back of his head down on his fat cock, making Diego gag. Beau then rips Diego's underwear to get at his butt and get it ready for some fat raw cock. Diego tried to take it slow but Beau wanted payback from the fucking he got the night before. Beau returned the favor and dropped a nice load in that little Latin butt!

Hans Berlin and Trey Turner – Part 2

November 24, 2016

Two weeks ago Trey Turner was left with a load in his butt and his legs up in the air. In steps another raw cock to fuck his sloppy loose hole. To his excitement it was his buddy Hans Berlin who happened to be hanging around and loves fucking sloppy wet holes. But after Ray Diesel was in there it was fucking loose so Hans had to fuck this slut in more positions to get that feeling of a raw wet pussy. As usual, Hans did a superb job in owning that hole and only left Trey with wanting more – the slut that he is! WOOF!

Daxton Ryker, Brian Bonds and Russ Magnus

November 17, 2016

Muscle on muscle on muscle, that's what you get when Daxton Ryker, Brian Bonds and Russ Magnus get it on. Russ wanted to get his holes used desperately and dropped to his knees when beefy bodybuilder Daxton and muscle boy Brian whipped out their cocks and shoved them down his throat. Russ was in heaven as he did not know which cock to service first. But Brian made it easy for him by making the decision for him. He bent Russ over, spit, and shoved his raw cock up that fucking loose slut hole to have his way with it while Daxton urged him on. Taking turns on his well-used hole Daxton and Brian make sure Russ is well used before they sent him back to his husband!

Ray Diesel, Hans Berlin, Trey Turner and Brian Bonds – Pt 2

November 15, 2016

Last week, what started out as in innocent pool table game, soon turned into a pool table orgy of black cocks and pink white slut holes between Ray Diesel, Trey Turner, Brian Bonds and Hans Berlin. After Ray and Trey swapped bottoms, each teaching them how to take black cock, Ray unloaded in Hans making him shoot his wad really quick. Now Trey is finishing off Brian's loose slut hole and making sure the bareback whore gets what he came for – a hot juicy load!

Ray Diesel and Russ Magnus

November 13, 2016

Ray Diesel was trying to teach his British friend Russ Magnus how we Americans play a pool table game and how not to sink the 8 ball. Well, all Russ kept thinking was getting Ray to sink his 10" cock in his loose slut hole and give him that American seed where he wanted it. The game didn't last long before they dropped their cue sticks and Russ dropped to his knees to service that huge black monster cock. Before Russ knew it he was bent over the pool table getting a huge black stick shoved up his loose slut hole and getting stretched even wider. Exactly what Russ was after – big black cock bareback fucking white pink fuckhole. Now fuck away Mr. Diesel!

Ray Diesel and Trey Turner – Part 1

November 13, 2016

Big black cock and PHAT black butt – it was bound to happen sooner or later. Ray Diesel sinks his monster black cock in Trey Turner's mouth to get it all warmed up and ready for some serious butt fucking. Trey, being the big bottom that he is, couldn't wait to be punished for being a bad slut all week and wanted his cunt stretched good and wide. He bent over and let Ray have his way and teach him how he takes monster cock. When Ray finally finished using that hole and marking his territory, another cock steps in for sloppy seconds – WTF?

Ray Diesel, Hans Berlin, Trey Turner and Brian Bonds – Pt 1

November 13, 2016

Tops vs. Bottoms is how this pool game was gonna be played but it didn't take long before the sticks where dropped and the balls were out between these bareback sluts. Ray Diesel and Trey Turner on the top side soon got their bottoms to their knees, sucking hot black cocks. Of course hunks Brian Bonds and Hans Berlin could not refuse juicy fat cocks so they let their holes be used for some smoking hot interracial fucking!

Tyler Griz and Chip Young

November 12, 2016

While playing a game of pool, Chip Young and Tyler Griz could not stop talking about the orgy they were in the night before. They both got horny again while talking about it and decided to play with each others stick and balls. The shirts came off and Tyler got to his knees to suck Chip's cock then shoving his face in Chip's PHAT fucking butt! Chip had a surprise for Tyler though and started shoving his fingers up Tyler's slut hole, bent him over the table and started fucking his pup butt hard! Not sure who won the pool game but balls were definitely sucked and sticks were buried deep!

Damon Andros and Alessio Romero

November 02, 2016

Not too often do I get the opportunity to pair up two hot hairy chested men but when I do, I take advantage of it. Alessio Romero's hot sweaty hairy butt gets worked over by Damon Andros and his cut cock and he takes a serious pounding! But not before Alessio and Damon have a serious make out session with some tit play, kissing and hairy butt hole eating by Damon, which is his favorite thing to do before raw fucking a hot hole. Alessio bends over and shows Damon his hot hairy hole so he can own it and mark his fucking territory with that hot raw cock!

Tyler Griz and Brian Bonds

October 28, 2016

When two young pups get together anything is bound to happen. Tyler Griz and his pup buddy Brian Bonds get right down to business with a lot of cock sucking and butt hole licking. It appears both of them love their butts and hairy holes played with a lot. Tyler is the first to bend over and take raw cock up his butt, letting Brian really pound his hole good but not before dumping the first load deep in his hole. Don't worry Tyler doesn't let Brian get away without getting his slut hole fucked in a few positions, then depositing a juicy load up that hole for him to take home as well. Tit for tat!

Daxton Ryker and Gabriel Fisk

October 21, 2016

Daxton Ryker loves his pool table games and making bets, like loser gets fucked! His pool partner Gabriel Fisk was definitely not good with his stick but what he really wanted was Daxton's hot beefy body all over himself. Gabriel gave up on the game and started servicing Daxton's muscle stick nice and deep but was really surprised and how good Daxton was at eating his hairy hole – that gave him in instant hard on and he knew this fuck session was gonna be great. Before the game was over Daxton sunk all the balls necessary to win this game!

Brian Bonds and Chip Young

October 06, 2016

Brian Bonds doesn't top often but when he does he likes a PHAT butt and a loose slut hole. He got more than he bargained for when he walked into the hotel room and saw Chip Young in assless briefs, laying there waiting to be used! Chip wasted little time getting Brian rock hard while Brian fell in lust with that big butt. Brian shoved his face in that deep butt, got it all wet, then shoved that man meat deep in that hole. Brian quickly realized there was already a load up there from some other top. That's when he realized how much of a slut Chip really was and it turned Brian on even more!

Alessio Romero and Aarin Asker

September 30, 2016

For their first time ever – Alessio Romero and Aarin Asker get paired up to fuck and fuck they did. There was immediate lust between these two hot hairy hunks. Aarin does what he does best and got to his knees to start servicing his Sir's fat cock and making sure he gagging on that fucker until he was in tears. He then got on the table to give up his hairy slut hole and let Alessio do whatever he wanted. His butt was up for ownership and Alessio fucked it like he owned it!

Tommy DeLuca and Beau Reed

September 22, 2016

Tommy Deluca had a plane to catch later that afternoon but wanted one more slut hole to sink his massive cock into before he left so I paired up him with big bottom boy Beau Reed. Beau's cock sucking abilities impressed Tommy so much that he didn't want Beau to stop sucking his massive cock. But what he really wanted was to seed a hole so he bent Beau over the pool table and shoved his cock in there, making sure Beau took it to the balls and then some. Beau really got his hole stretched but didn't complain as he knew his butt was owned by Tommy!

Diego Tovar and Tyler Griz

September 14, 2016

In his first scene for us, Tyler Griz gave it his best when servicing Latin star Diego Tovar. Laying on the table with his head hanging over the edge Tyler let himself get skull fucked hard by Diego and begged for more! Of course what Diego really wanted was to raw fuck that huge butt and well used slut hole so he bent him over and shoved his cock in their and started pumping away. Of course Tyler just backed right onto that cock like it was meant to be and just did as he was told taking every last drop!

Damon Andros and Beau Reed

September 12, 2016

Some tops love fucking a well-used hole, especially if there is already some cum left up there for lube. That was the case with Damon Andros when he was on his last scene of the week with Beau Reed. Beau's butt was just used by Tommy Deluca monster cock earlier that day and by the time Damon slid his cock in there it was well used and opened right up! While fucking it you could see some cum drip out. Damon he knew it wasn't his but it didn't matter. It just made him fuck Beau harder and really work over that used hole to give him the last load of the week!